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"All too often on large multi-family projects, the cabinet and granite contractor becomes the bottleneck in the schedule and delays the project. SDI beat all expectations and delivered a quality product ahead of schedule. 

    The team at SDI was very collaborative from start to make sure we planned around the challenges of international shipping and still meet our deadlines. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the install crew and their commitment to detail, quality and schedule. Also, the team was very proactive to correct any defects and punch out."

-Blake Post, Project Superintendant, Samet Corporation

"From the start, SDI was very proactive during the preconstruction period in offering up their services to work with the design team and owner to select the most economically sound products, delivered shop drawings and submittals timely and accurately allowing for on time delivery of all products. They then were able to install their scope of work on time and with minimal punch list.

    In addition their monthly pay applications, with supporting documentation for the state construction project were on time and accurate."

-Eric Witzke, Project Director, Barton Malow Company

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